The Combined Federal Campaign (cfc) For San Diego & Imperial Counties, Coachella Valley & 29 Palms

Encourages philanthropy and provides all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

About Opm

The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with approximately 150+ CFC campaigns throughout the country and internationally to help to raise millions of dollars each year. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1 to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. The Director of OPM has designated the Office of CFC Operations responsibility for day-today management of the CFC.

The OPM website will be of interest to anyone interested in workplace giving nu propriété. If you have comments or questions, please contact the Office of the CFC Operations at cfc[at]

You can reach the OPM website at


So far we’ve received donations of $3,634,678 or 91% of our goal of $4,000,000. Thank you for your generous contribution!

Available Speakers

Available speakers for campaign events. Make arrangements directly with the organization and speaker of your choice for your event.

Please contact the CFC Office if you need assistance.

Charity Speaker(s) Email & Phone
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

Samantha Zepeda


(818) 848-0223

Alpha Project for the Homeless

Travis Larson

Jay Brechtel






American Lung Association in California

Teresa Contreras

Jessie Bustamante





American National Red Cross of San Diego & Imperial Counties

Laura Rice



Angel Flight West

Genevieve Lavin


(619) 569-0548

Angels Foster Family Agency

Jeff Wiemann



Anza-Borrego Foundation

Paige Rogowski

Ashley Kvitek

paige[at] x1001


Ashley[at] x1003

ARC of San Diego

Jennifer Navarra


(619)685-1178 x291

Armed Services YMCA of the USA Camp Pendleton

Chris Keane



Aseltine School

Gwendolen Weil


(619)296-2135 x120

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego

Stephanie Dinnen-Reini



BirthLine of San Diego Mary Pat Warner


Bonita Equestrian Therapy for the Handicapped

Roberta Jackson



Boys and Girls Clubs of Oceanside

Rhonda Guadernrmana



Building for a Better Tomorrow

Ron Blackburn


(858) 336-3672

Burn Institute

Dana Kuhn

Susan Day




California Labradors, Retrievers and More Rescue Diane Kath

(858)273-5386 / (949-275-6512

Camp Goalz

Michael Muller

Jasmina Muller




Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

Diana Peacher



Casa Cornelia Law Center

Allison Bechill

Carmen Chavez




Casa de Amparo

Jasmine Shafik



Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego

Caroline Wessel


(619)231-2828 x202

Center for Community Solutions

Edith Glassey

Gabrielle Conley




(858) 272-5777 x120

Chula Vista Veterans Home Support Foundation

Gene Pellerin



Community Campership Council

Susan Thorning



Conner's Cause for Children

Carol Del Signore




Diabetic Partners

Ron Blackburn


(858) 336-3672

Deaf Community Services of San Diego

Leslie Elion




Educational Enrichment Systems Sarina Lynn

(858)569-9723 ext102

Elder Law & Advocacy

Carolyn Reilly

Jamie Levine



Elizabeth Hospice

Lisa Marcolongo

Michael Jenkins




Empower International Ministries

Carrie Miles



Extended Hands Worldwide Ministries

Cassandra Foster



Feeding America San Diego

Alicia Saake

Colleen Ennis

James Wright

Amanda Schaap





Final Honor

Suzanne Porter

Wayne Moretti

(760) 445-1981

Fisher House Naval Medical Center San Diego

Kristin Jackson


(619) 532-8751

Freedom Dogs

Michael Gilbert

Meribeth Russell





George G Glenner Alzheimer's Family Center

Margaret Calante

Elizabeth Reinhofer

Anne Saita

Dawn Destefani






Girl Scouts of San Diego Jo Dee C. Jacob jjacob[at]
Global Impact

James Hill



Helen Woodward Animal Center

Laurel Crump


(858)756-4117 x351

Home for the Holidays

Paul Phillips



Huntington Disease Society of America-San Diego Chapter

Rob Millium



Imperial Beach Community Clinic

Antonio Martinez



Imperial Valley Food Bank

Sara Griffen



Interfaith Shelter Network of San Diego

Trisha Brereton



JDFR, San Diego Chapter Hal Lamb


Jewish Family Services of San Diego

Michael Hopkins



Labrador Rescuers

Bobbi Harrison

Denise Ashley



Lions, Tigers & Bears

Bobbi Brink




Lupus Foundation of Southern CA

Pat Cavallin




Make-A-Wish Foundation

Stephanie Munoz



Mama's Kitchen

Alberto Cortes


(619)233-6262 x106

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Pacific South Coast

Eric Foeckler



Next Step Service Dogs Judy Keene


Noah Homes

Molly Nocon


(619)660-6200 x18

No Wagging Tail Left Behind

Jean Whitney



Olive Crest

Pamala Griffith



Oceanside Ivey Ranch Association

Tonya Danielly

Kelsey Scrupps



Paralyzed Veterans of America, CAl-Diego John Plaza


Parents and Friends of Lesbians & Gays SD County

Bobbi Harwood



Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship

Bobbi Buettgenbach



Promising Futures

Martha Morrissey



Paws’itive Teams

Carol Davis

Charli King

Art Brauner






Pegasus Rising

Gary Adler


(310) 699-4758

Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties

Lauren Dockweiler



Pro Kids Golf Academy

Susanna Rosenbaum



Andrea Muir

Rajah Gainey

Lenny Leszcynski

Eric Ayaso

andrea[at] (858)427-1103




Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center

Tanya Eraca

Ryan Pocock

Carly Rickard

Alyssa Skon









Ramona Food and Clothes Closet

Jae Marciano



Regional Task Force on the Homeless

Dolores Diaz



Salvation Army San Diego

Jessyca Elgart



San Diego Armed Services YMCA Tim Ney


San Diego Blood Bank

Michele Brown



San Diego County Crime Stoppers

Donald Braun



San Diego Food Bank (Jacobs & Cushman)

Michele Brown



San Diego Habitat for Humanity

Lori Holt Pfeiler



San Diego Humane Society & SPCA





San Diego Rescue Mission

Debbie Krakauer

Jamie Wright


(619) 819-1897



San Diego Rite Care Childhood Language Center

(Scottish Rite Foundation)

Caitlyn Hunter


San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program

Jennifer Kish

Marisa Rastetter

Kris Jocobs

jkish[at] x112

mrastetter[at] x107

kjacobs[at] x111


Semper Fi Fund Laura Castellvi


Spirit of Sharing

Rachel Walker



Southern Caregiver Resource Center

Roberto Velasquez




Claire O'leary

James Bourguignon





St Vincent De Paul Village

Diane Martin

Jennifer Guthrie




(619) 446-2106

Sunshine Foundation

Sue Arciaga



Surfrider Foundation

Stephen Blank



Support the Enlisted Project (STEP)

Tony Terevainen


Survivors of Suicide Loss

Bonnie Bear

Jenni Morel

Joyce Bruggeman

bonnieb[at] (619)482-0297

jenni[at] (619)333-0813

joyce[at] (619)482-0297

Survivors of Torture, International

Kathi Anderson


Susan G. Komen for the Cure San Diego

Laura Farmer



Tap Fever Studios

Larisa Hall

Kariann Medina


(858) 456-7301

Teen Challenge of Southern California

Herlindo Salinas

Mike Conway



United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego

Mike Demarco

Rhonda Van Ekelenburg


United Negro College Fund

Harry Fulmore


(213)639-3800 x3811
Urban Corps of San Diego

Barbara Faith

Klara Arter


United Way of Imperial County

Ken Wuytens


United Way of San Diego County

Taylor Webb



USO Palm Springs, Bob Hope

Jean Whitney


USO San Diego

Sonya McGough

Bobby Woods



Veterans Medical Research Foundation of San Diego

Maria Sittmann


Veterans Research Alliance Steve Lewandowski


Veterans Village of San Diego

Rick Ochocki


Vision of Children Foundation Kenny Liles


Voices for Children

Susan Smith



Serge Dedina


Workshops for Warriors, Inc

Hernan Luis Prado


Wounded Heroes of America

Mike Talleda


(310) 780-4540
Wounded Warrior Homes
Mia Roseberry

Gene Jennett





Wounded Warrior Project


Wright's Aviation Ministries

James Wright


(619) 270-6233

YMCA of San Diego County

Kristie Pirkey


YWCA of San Diego County

Steven Plunk



Lfcc Role

Each local CFC campaign is managed by a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC), which serves as a "Board of Directors" for the local campaign. The LFCC is comprised of federal employees representing the local federal population.

The LFCC responsibilities include:

The PCFO is the administrator and fiscal agent for the local campaign. It is subject to the direction and control of the LFCC in its daily operations.

Cfc Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?
  2. What is the CFC mission?
  3. Why have a CFC?
  4. Who decides how to spend my donations?
  5. How efficient is the CFC?
  6. My taxes go to support the poor, so why should I give to the CFC?
  7. Why isn’t my favorite agency a member of CFC?
  8. There is a CFC agency I don’t like.
  9. Why should I give to the CFC?
  10. My husband/wife gives where he/she works. Why should we both give?
  11. What if I can’t afford to give right now?
  12. What if I lose my job?
  13. What if I work seasonally or on a temporary basis?
  14. Who checks on the money to make sure it is properly spent?
  15. How do I know my money really gets to the agency I designate?
  16. What happens if I complete the home address section on the pledge form and indicate it be forwarded to the agency I designated?
  17. How can an organization get listed in the Charity List?
  18. Can I get help from a CFC campaign participant?
  19. What is the benefit of payroll deduction?
  20. How do federal agencies benefit from participation in the CFC?
  21. Who serves on the CFC Board of Directors?
  22. How do I know the charities participating in the CFC are legitimate?
  23. What is a Federation?
  24. When is the CFC campaign?
  25. What are some ways that federal agencies support the CFC?
1."What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?"
The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations.

2."What is the CFC mission?"
To support and promote philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

3."Why have a CFC?"
The annual fundraising campaign helps to support a variety of health, human, and other services provided by more than 120,000 charitable agencies. This single campaign is the most cost-efficient fundraising method. It succeeds because volunteers from the federal workforce combine their resources for one coordinated appeal.

4."Who decides how to spend my donations?"
You! Each donor designates their dollars to meet their interests. You may pick a single cause - or several causes - and apportion your contribution among them in any way you like.

5."How efficient is the CFC?"
Campaign efficiency results in 90 cents of every dollar collected being distributed to campaign participants. Your CFC’s net costs (10%) are among the lowest of all charitable groups, and it is the largest and one of the most efficient CFCs in the nation. This efficiency is achieved through volunteer involvement and the consolidated fundraising concept.

6."My taxes go to support the poor, so why should I give to the CFC?"
Some CFC agencies do assist destitute persons through services, but not by giving money away. Some of the agencies provide job training, recreation for youth, and rehabilitation programs in order to help people to be self-supporting and to prevent more serious problems from occurring. Government dollars are not growing to meet these "people problems." Without CFC supported programs, many more people would need public assistance, which could drive up your taxes.
Many of the CFC agencies primarily focus on services for working families. Visiting nurses, family counseling, drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs, scouting programs, and Red Cross programs are used by all of us, myself, you and your neighbors. The services of CFC agencies are available to everyone in our community, as well as nationally and overseas.

7."Why isn’t my favorite agency a member of CFC?"
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington, DC regulates CFC. Volunteers from Federal agencies review applications for their compliance with the regulations. Agencies must be audited, produce an annual report, and have a Board of Directors which governs the affairs of the agency.Your favorite agency may not have applied, may not meet the requirements or possibly, may not know they can participate. Contact the CFC Office as we can help charities apply and provide all the necessary information for them to make the application.

8."There is a CFC agency I don’t like. I will have nothing to do with CFC because of this."
CFC has established guidelines to ensure that member organizations are serving needs, are financially responsible, and are operated by a Board of Directors. The entire spectrum of organizations are represented because of the varied interest of the Federal workforce.
CFC does not make political judgments of the worth of a particular organization. By designating where your funds go, you can be assured that only the charity of your choice receives your donation. Remember that many organizations are in need of your contribution and your lack of participation in the CFC makes it more difficult to provide the needed help.

9."Why should I give to the CFC?"
Your gift improves the quality of life for you and your neighbors. You have access throughout your lifetime to the thousands of vital health and social services not supplied, or only partially covered, by government sources. These services stabilize lives, arrest social problems, encourage productivity, and increase the resources and prosperity of the entire community, our nation, and overseas.

10."My husband/wife gives where he/she works. Why should we both give?"
"It is important for every employed person to do his her part. Every worker has a responsibility to help maintain the comprehensive CFC programs that enhances the economic strength of our area which, in turn, supports job stability for every wage earner. CFC can continue to provide needed human care services only if everyone helps.

11."What if I can’t afford to give right now?"
You don’t have to. Pledge your gift though payroll deduction and spread small donations through out the year. Agency services need your year around support. Deductions don’t begin until January.

12."What if I lose my job?"
You will not be expected to continue your pledge payments during your period of unemployment, nor are you responsible for your remaining balance.

13."What if I work seasonally or on a temporary basis?"
You may still contribute to the CFC. Of course, if you use payroll deductions it will only be deducted during the period you receive your paycheck. You can give a one time donation via Credit Card, Cash or Check.

14."Who checks on the money to make sure it is properly spent?"
The CFC Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC), comprised of Federal leaders who volunteer in this capacity, reviews agencies for compliance with the criteria stipulated in the CFC regulations; i.e., ensuring they are nonprofit, audited annually, etc. No additional review of an agency’s budget, apart from the review given by entities either governing the agency or establishing conditions of affiliation, is made , thus you must be familiar with the agency you designate. The CFC Principal Combined Funds Organization (PCFO) is audited annually by an independent auditor to ensure that designations have been honored. The PCFO also provides independent confirmation of designations to independent auditors on behalf of CFC agencies and federations as requested. The United Way of San Diego acts as the PCFO for the SOCAL CFC.

15."How do I know my money really gets to the agency I designate?"
By regulations, all designations must be honored. A yearly audit is performed to verify this. In addition, you can request to be acknowledged for your pledge by your designated charity.

16."What happens if I complete the home address section on the pledge form and indicate it be forwarded to the agency I designated?"
If you complete the appropriate section on the pledge form your name and address will be forwarded to the agency(cies) you designate. Many times they acknowledge your contribution and add your name to their mailing list. It is up to the federation or agency to acknowledge your gift.

17."How can an organization get listed in the Charity List?"
If the organization serves the local area, they should call the CFC Office in January at (858) 636-4114 to request an application for that year. If the organization is national or international, they should call OPM at (202) 606-2564 for an application.

18."Can I get help from a CFC campaign participant?"
Yes. The services of CFC campaign participants are available to anyone who needs them, including federal employees.

19."What is the benefit of payroll deduction?"
Through payroll deduction, a specified amount is withheld every payday and continues throughout the year. This is convenient and easier on the budget. Payroll giving often makes a crucial difference in campaign results as they are usually more substantial than cash gifts.

20."How do federal agencies benefit from participation in the CFC?"
Participation in the CFC creates added community visibility for federal employees and the agencies for which they work. Federal employees are viewed by the community as good neighbors, concerned with the welfare of others. Federal employees benefit from an improvement in the quality of life within their communities. Participation in the CFC assures that services will be available to federal employees when their own personal situations arise. The campaign effects everyone, including the lives of a federal agency’s employees.
Participation in a single, efficient, annual campaign offers individuals the opportunity to meet their civic responsibility to the community.

21."Who serves on the CFC Board of Directors?"
Our CFC Board of Directors is called the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) and is made up of the senior leaders from the federal government in our counties.

22."How do I know the charities participating in the CFC are legitimate?"
Federal employees in the San Diego area volunteer to serve on the Eligibility Committee, which evaluates each charity applying to become eligible to receive designations from local CFC contributors. Each local charitable agency must meet the following requirements, as defined in federal law and OPM rules and regulations:

Charitable agencies on the national and international lists are reviewed annually by OPM according to the appropriate federal laws, rules and regulations. For further information, see 5 CFR Part 950.

23."What is a Federation?"
A federation is a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare organizations established for purposes of supplying common fundraising, administrative, and management services to its members. Each federation is listed with its member organizations as the first organization. If you wish to designate all or some portion of your contribution to a federation, please record that federation's corresponding code number on your pledge card. Contributions designated to a federation will be shared in accordance with the federation's policy.

24."When is the CFC campaign?"
In San Diego and Imperial County the campaign period is from Sep 1 to Dec 15. Within that time period there will be a multitude of campaigns lasting from one day to the entire 15 week period. This allows each activity in our campaign to choose a campaign time frame suitable to their size and the operations they are experiencing. The LFCC has stated they want each activity to have the maximum flexibility possible to conduct their campaign.

25."What are some ways that federal agencies support the CFC?"
Federal agencies in the San Diego,Imperial County, Coachella Valley and Twentynine Palms appoint volunteers to serve as Campaign Coordinators to lead their agency’s CFC effort. Our Groups (Navy, USMC, Federal & USPS) also provide the CFC with Campaign Action Officers (CAO)s. These volunteers work with the Campaign Coordinators to ensure they receive training, materials, and all the information and help they need to have a successful campaign.


YES! CFC allows you to continue supporting your favorite charity by:

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